Whether your customer is waiting for an appointment or just waiting her turn in line, a digital display board gives you the power to educate or upsell. The possibilities are endless. Here are just a few possibilities:

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Why choose a digital display system over traditional static displays?
The answer is simple: flexibility. A digital display enables the owner to change promotions, prices, and products with the touch of a button.

Static displays in the form of posters and similar signage are just that, static. When a customer sees the same thing over and over again, his eyes eventually stop seeing. The customer goes on autopilot, automatically ordering the same old thing week after week. With active digital displays, the customer has a fresh experience every time he walks in the door. A Digital Display can be programmed to promote specific items at specific times of day. Static displays just do not have that capability. Special promotions need to be planned ahead, so posters and labels can be pre-produced. New items, special promotions, price reductions can all be handled in virtual real time with a digital display system.

Digital displays can also display video. Static print images with static text give the customer information.
Another advantage to digital displays in the convenience store market, is the ability to display product commercials from vendors and non-affiliates. This puts products in the customer's line of sight while having the additional advantage of bringing in additional revenue from vendors.

For Retail & Office settings
Hotels; lobbies; digital hostess; Doctor's offices; schools; dealerships; auto mechanic; airports.
Educate customers and decrease perceived wait time

Medical Office
While patients wait for appointments, use that time to teach them how to lose weight or lower their cholesterol..

Dental Office
Give a refresher course on proper brushing technique and market your favorite line of dental hygiene products.

Retail Store
Remind your customers that shoes are buy one get one half off. Before they reach the register, they just might head back to get one more pair.

Financial Institutions
Educate and inspire by showing your customers how they can use their money and assets to improve their quality of life. Offering an incentive to save? Put it on the board and watch those accounts grow.

Convenience Stores
Convenience store employees rarely upsell products. This translates into missed opportunities for increased sales. Convenience stores can significantly increase per customer ticket counts with the addition of digital displays.